Monthly and Weekly plans

Extra features, Extra comfort for the employees

Work lunch with Dailymealz is easier than ever. Special prices and limited offers exclusively for your company. 

What Dailymealz Business
Offers your company?

What Dailymealz Business
Offers your company?

Work Lunch

  • From the best restaurants.
  • Fully personalized per employee.
  • Simple monthly invoice.


  • Event and meetings catering.
  • Different vendors at the same time.
  • Special catering themes.

On-Site Services

  • Snack/coffee Corner.
  • Cloud Cafeteria.
  • Popup Restaurants.


One price for all / Fixed price for all plans

Dedicated Delivery man

Exclusive plans

Family members discount

Our customers

Best restaurants

!Eat better, Rest more, Pay less…. Everyday

More than 60 restaurants

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