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Varied Food Subscriptions Delivered daily to your doorstep ​

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Work lunch plans and full-day plans that include (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack), within weekly and monthly subscriptions.


More than 200 restaurants of the best in Saudi Arabia. In addition to various food  categories including Healthy, Keto, Diet and Fast-Food.


All meals on the app have a full description shows the ingredients and calories of each meal.



Full control over the subscription. Change, Modify or Postpone meals,  Edit the delivery date or location, stop or cancel the subscription


an available Customer service to answer all customers’ inquiries, solve problems, and strive to satisfy and provide them with the best.

Our Partners

Our Partners

Endless Features

Endless Features

How to subscribe?

Subscription takes only few steps and you can enjoy your mealz for the rest of the month.


Pick your desired food category ( Healthy, Keto, weight loss, or mix)

Subscription time

Weekly & monthly plans, with full control over the subscription.

Select your mealz

Select your mealz from many well-known restaurants then choose your delivery address and time slot.


Your mealz will be delivered to your doorstep. And you can easily renew your subscription to keep enjoying without effort.

Your Gift reflects Your Affection ​

Now, gift your loved ones Dailymealz subscriptions with the all its amazing features and benefits via the gift card service.
You can choose between work lunch and full day meals within weekly or monthly subscription period.

Your Gift reflects Your Affection ​

Dailymealz Now offers the Gift Cards feature. Gift your friends and family members Dailymealz subscriptions and let them enjoy our features and services. You can choose between work lunch and full-day subscription within weekly or monthly plans.

Extra Features for companies

Choose Dailymealz for your employees and join +3000 companies

Extra Features for companies

Choose Dailymealz for your employees and join +3000 companies

Why Choose Us?



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Top-Notch Quality & High Efficacy

We Save Your Time & Effort

We seek to save our customers’ time and effort and offer them the convenience with subscribing process that takes no more than few minutes and ensures comfort throughout the work lunch & full-day subscriptions with various packages and plans (weekly or monthly) delivered daily to their doorstep.

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Your Health, Our Priority

We carefully select registered restaurants to ensure that we deliver meals that truly satisfy our customers. Our commitment extends beyond taste alone – we prioritize sterilization and meticulous packaging to guarantee the highest standards of safety and freshness. Moreover, our team of expert nutritionists prepares healthy diets tailored to each customer’s dietary routine. With these efforts, we strive to provide a well-rounded dining experience that not only delights the palate but also supports individual nutritional needs.

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