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Why Dailymealz?

Quality & efficiency

At Dailymealz, we ensure to provide the best quality and highest efficiency. Therefore we earned our customers trust and loyalty. Moreover, we’re continuously working to enhance our service and provide a level of service that exceeds the aspirations of our customers.


Extra Saving


We are keen on more than saving your money. We strive to save your time, effort and soul.

Ease and simplicity of use

Easy registration & subscription

Registration & subscription will cost you no more than a few minutes. And it comes with great flexibility so you can change your mealz, edit your delivery times & address, and hold your subscription..

and much more


In order to provide our customers with as many mealz choices as possible, we offer a variety of restaurants that serve different locally and internationally cuisines

subscription duration

Choose monthly, weekly, or 2 weeks, And enjoy full control over your subscription.

Food categories

Because we genuinely care, we seek to provide food categories that fit everybody’s dietary routine and daily requirements.

Best restaurants

local and international restaurants with guaranteed quality

and more than 80+ restaurant

I would like to thank you guys for the great App, very helpful customer services and delicious options to choose from to keep it up.


It was my second experience in health subscription, and I was very pleased with the idea and method of dealing with the cooperative man . There is a variety of meals within the package.. It was my biggest problem and I wasted my work time and you solved it.. Thank you very much!


Thank you dailymealz team everything was perfect.

Huda al

Excellent service, many thanks I renewed my subscription already


برنامج الكيتو عندكم ممتاز واتمنى يستمر

الجوهرة عبدالرحمن

شكرا جدا وحقيقي خدمتكم دائما ممتاز ما شاء الله عليكم


وصل على الوقت شكرا لكم وسعيده جدا اني اخترتكم واشتركت معكم وبإذن الله اجدد الاشتراك بإستمرار

شاره الشهيري

يعطيكم العافية وفعلا الاكل جبااااااار عجيب


شاكرة لكم حسن تعاملكم ، صراحة ديلي ميلز تغير مره وتحسنتوا جدا


ماشاء الله.. الله يعطيكم العافية ومشكورين على سرعة الرد


احب فيكم سرعة الاستجابة وخدمة العملاء,, انتم جدا راقيين


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