Why Dailymealz?

Quality & efficiency

At Dailymealz, we ensure to provide the best quality and highest efficiency. Therefore we earned our customers trust and loyalty. Moreover, we’re continuously working to enhance our features to provide a level of service that exceeds the aspirations of our customers.


Extra Saving


We are keen on more than saving your money. We strive to save your time, effort and soul.

Ease and simplicity of use

Easy registration & subscription

Registration & subscription will cost you no more than a few minutes. And it comes with great flexibility so you can change your mealz, edit your delivery times & address, and hold your subscription at any time.

and much more


In order to provide our customers with as many mealz choices as possible, we offer a variety of restaurants that serve different locally and internationally cuisines

Subscription duration

Choose between monthly, weekly, or 2 weeks, And enjoy full control over your subscription.

Food categories

Because we genuinely care, we seek to provide food categories that fit everybody’s dietary routine and requirements.

Best restaurants

local and international restaurants with guaranteed quality

and more than 80+ restaurant

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